Indevu Films had varying levels of involvement in the projects below ranging from pure arms length investment, to investment plus some business affairs support, to all of that plus creative involvement.

The common thread was a desire to work with talented regional filmmakers.  All projects have ties to Minnesota by way of filmmakers, location and/or subject of the film.



Documentary Feature

On the heels of the Great Recession, fracking unlocks a sea of oil beneath rural North Dakota. This series of intimate and interconnected portraits tells the human story of an oil boom and bust. 

Role: Executive Producer, Investor, Business support.

Status: Film complete. Active sales.

Sales Agent: Gunpowder and Sky.

TVOD:  iTunesAmazonGoogle PlayVudu, Microsoft Movies.



Documentary Feature

The First Patient documents the extraordinary transformation of first-year students in the class many consider the toughest in medical school. With extraordinary access and assistance provided by The Mayo Clinic, Director Chip Duncan brings his cameras into a world the public rarely sees. The film leaves audiences inspired by the passion and commitment of the students, as well as the astonishing beauty of the human body.

Role: Executive Producer, Investor.

Status: Film complete. Active sales.

Sales Agent: ro*co films


3 DAY WEEKEND (2018)

Narrative Feature

A man alone in the woods finds a kidnapped woman in an abandoned car. For three days he and the woman – and the two kidnappers – wordlessly follow clues to puzzle out what's actually happening deep in the wilderness.

Role: Investor

Status: Post Production



Narrative Feature

A solar flare interrupts Alma’s quiet life with her husband, Terry. When she discovers that he is comatose, she determines to bring him back to his body (and their life together).

Role:  Executive Producer, Investor (finishing funds)

Status: Film complete. Festival circuit.

Festival Agent: aug&ohr medien

IMDb  Website



Narrative Feature

On the run in the wilderness, Travis and Aimee navigate icy waters and the secrets they keep.

Role: Executive Producer, Investor (sole financier), co-writer, business management and transporter of canoes.

Status: Film complete. Available digitally.

Distributor: Indie Rights


MEAT (2015)

Narrative Short

Desperate for work, an idealistic college student agrees to a one day trail as a door to door salesman.

Role: Executive Producer, production assistant.

Status: Film complete. Available online.

IMDb  Website  Watch